Jan 25, 2011


WOW!! it has been 4 months.. where were babynadhrah? and it is almost February 2011?!!
What has been going on with me and my adventures? for sure there were a lot.. but unfortunately I was too busy (playing) with no time to update..

Some may already knew that I have recently enrolled to a pre-school at Gombak..
Last year, Umi was searching for the right school for me that can meet the following requirements:
  1. Islamic based
  2. provide English medium as well as Bahasa
  3. provide healthy food.. not processed food, junkies or tea (like some tadika do)
  4. small number of student in a class
  5. teachers that work for the sake of children development and education, not merely because of
  6. because of their job
  7. near to Nenek’s house
  8. and of course affordable…
Most of the pre-school that offers the above are really pricey and not available in Gombak area.. Umi and Baba didn’t have the luxury to survey the mushrooms of pre-schools there... It will be excellent if they could find one in the same neighbourhood as Nenek’s house… But none could match Umi’s requirement, as she’s very sceptical of handing me over to some stranger…

While on her way to pick me up from Nenek’s house after work, she noticed a car sticker stated “Iman Readers” on one of Nenek’s neighbours’ van. .. that definitely sounded like a pre-school or kindergarden, right?.. Nenek never mentioned that one of her neighbour running a kindergarden... So Umi googled and found bits about Iman Readers... the school has been operated for about 3-4 years.. quite new.. Umi didn’t really know the owner that much, but from the outside you can guess how the person is and the qualities that she has. So without a doubt, Umi decided to send me there even though it is a bit off from Nenek’s place...

Do I like the school? Too early to tell.. hmmm.. since I’m used to stay at home and less exposed to other germs and bacterias, watch as much TV as I like, being extra pampered by Nenek and not used with the crowd-like environment.. I’m kinda reserved and often say “Tak Nak Pegi Sekolah” every single morning.. hehe..

During my 1st day of school, I didn’t want to wear the school uniform because it was ‘boring’.. the yellow and black colour doesn’t popped-up my eyes… huhu. The school mascot is a Bee, that’s why those are the chosen colours.. at the end, I was defeated by 3 tiny jellybeans.. Yes, umi bribe me with only 3 little jelly beans.. I didn’t cry on my 1st day of school..


being bribed with jelly beans and balloons at 7.30am..

my 2nd day was really cheerful at home while getting ready to school.. but somehow when i reached school, i had this mixed of feelings.. i couldn't hold it anymore, it burst out into tears..

yeay!! i'm off to school!!

having goosebumps and refused to lineup..

uwaaaa!!!... UMI!! BABA!!
However, I am well behave at school (according to the teachers).. Lately I fell sick due to the new routine in my life, it was the worse fever, cough and flu I’ve ever had... I seldom fell sick.. I have yet to recover from my flu. Umi is worry if this condition continues…

Last week there was a taaruf (introduction) session for the parents at my school. From the feedback given by the parents' of former students, without a doubt this a good school… not only in academic but also in child behavior and confidence level… The founder aka Headmistress used to be a full time housewife and has no experience teaching in schools.. because of her passion in education and child development, she wanted to share her teaching method at home to other parents out there.. Umi really hope that I will adapt to the new routine and starting to love the school soon… will I?

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ApplePie said...

wow, she's growing very fast. Made a decision on which pre-school you're sending her already?

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