Feb 28, 2011

Maulidur Rasul 1432H

Maulidur Rasul 1432H was an interesting affair for me. My kindergarten held an event where we get to march and selawat to Rasulullah SAW. The march took about 10 minutes from a nearby surau to my school. This is the second official event of the school where Umi and Baba joined, the first one being an open day & taaruf session where the parents got to know each other and the teachers.

baca doa sebelum berarak

yeay.. besnye!!

there was even a banner for the event

quite a number of people turned up, from the neighborhood

there were also some who joined from the KAFA school at the surau

When we arrived at my school, there was a pot luck breakfast where parents brought all kinds of food for everyone. The school arranged for parents from different classes to bring different types of food, so Umi brought some apples cos we were assigned fruits. I think everyone was so generous that day, there were like 10 different meehoon from 10 different cooks, and some of them were even left untouched. After that, there was a short presentation and knowledge sharing on Rasulullah SAW's way of parenting for the parents, at which time myself and my friends went upstairs to play and mess around.

After that, there was also a nasyid and singing presentation by the kindergarten students. But I was too shy to join them, although we've been practicing every day for, like, 2 weeks already. So I just stayed with Umi and Baba and watched and enjoyed the whole show, although Baba keeps pushing me to join my friends.

my cute friends singing

while I'm sitting and watching them in awe of their confidence

Umi and Baba also got to see some of the creative stuff that we were doing at school. They shared some of the pictures of our activities, and lucky enough there were 2 pictures of me, doing our sheep project.

projek kambing biri-biri

One of the picture had me with oh-so-messy tudung and a big smile headlined "Nadhrah berpasangan dengan Ameera, Faatih berpasangan dengan Tawfiq dan menamakan kambing masing2". And the other one said "Nadhrah dan Ameera menyiapkan kambing mereka paling awal". Woohooo!! 2 months into school and I'm doing creative fun stuff and enjoying it!!

our special sheep project

4 Perfect!!


Hanys Jehari said...

ummi nadharh, awatnya muka macam tak puas hati je dalam first pic tu.? hehehe..

umi nadhrah said...

tak puas hati sbb si kecik ni asik nak berkepit ngan umi die je... tak nak berarak ngan kengkawan die.. haha..

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