Mar 28, 2011

sungai Chilling

What is it?
Sungai Chiling is a waterfall area plus a fish (ikan kelah) sanctuary, located in Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor.

How to get there?
Use a GPS, or a map to get to Kuala Kubu Baru. He he. You can get there from the old rawang town, either from PLUS highway or the old rawang road, which links to KL from Jalan Kuching and Jalan Ipoh. From rawang, we followed some signs pointing towards Serendah and Kuala Kubu Baru. Once in the Kuala Kubu Baru town, there will be signs to get to Sungai Chiling. However, the entrance to enter the sungai area can be easily missed, as there are no specific parking area, and people park at the road sides. Getting your coordinates and direction right before leaving would do a whole lot of good, as it's not a particularly easy place to find.

What to prepare?
Sungai Chiling is quite an adventurous waterfall to get to, particularly if you're bringing kids or a 3-year-old like me. Be prepared to get wet even before getting to the waterfall, as the only way to get to the waterfall is by trekking through a 45-minutes jungle trek, complete with 6 river crossings. Most parts of the river crossings are up to knee level, but some parts can get up to chest level deep of a normal adult, especially in the rainy season.

Our trip to Sungai Chiling is quite a memorable one, as this is a rather extreme adventure in my case. Umi was quite prepared though, as I was about to experience the whole adventure from Umi or Baba's back, thanks to this special carrier that they brought. Baba was not so much prepared, though, and you will see why.

When we got to Sungai Chiling, there was a small-ish tourist centre, and we had to pay a small fee for maintenance & upkeep of the place. There were six of us, including my 2 aunties and my uncle. The trek started with a bridge crossing, and then straight on to adventure. There were some climbing up and down through the jungle treks, where the paths are not that straightforward. And the aforementioned river crossings.

Once we get to the waterfall, it's such a great scene of water... er, falling. The fishes are welcoming, and they'd eat any junk food you throw at them. And the place is clean and garbage free, hopefully it will stay as such in the future.

umi & baba's strong shoulders carried me through

the simple visitor's centre comes equipped with solar panels

a place to relax and unwind, but no camping & cooking

bridge crossing to adventureland

my aunts and uncle enjoyed helped make the trip more fun

only the brave shall cross

there was this very unique rock which had a hole to peep through, the length of it is around 1 metre

finally reached the waterfall area

the place is magical

and the water was freezing cold in the morning

you can dive along with the fishes

having a rest after the swim

be prepared to enter the rough.. don't wear old shoes which is due its end of life, like Baba

bye bye nature, we'll visit you again some day


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