Mar 9, 2008

habits 104 : toes chomper

After mastering the yoga moves, the only natural thing for a baby to do is... to chomp on my own toes!!!

mmmm sedapnyeeeerrr...

caught in the act!


socks won't stop me

Umi and Baba says : Initially we were concerned and worried that nadhrah would hurt her back or legs doing this. But seeing her enjoying herself, particularly her toes, we just decided that it probably isn't something to be worried about. But to snap photos of her on it, you'd have to be really quick. Nadhrah would let go in just a split second (hence, the pictures turn out a bit blurred), it's not exactly the #1 position for her in level of comfort.

On another note... the election results are out, all the votes have been counted. As shocking and unexpected as they are, we're not suddenly gonna do a political analysis here. However, we do sincerely hope that, for the future of baby nadhrah and all the other wonderful babies out there, those elected will do their jobs responsibly and make Malaysia a better place.

Speaking about votes, there is still time to vote for baby nadhrah's
BLOG and VIDEO for happy moments!! It's still not too late to vote ;)

1 comment:

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

so far, alhamdulillah no accident yet happen with the bumbo seat.

but i mmg never leave baby alone in the seat. they simply look cute when they sit in it. mcm boss kecik. especially when they rest their hand on the side. =)

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