Mar 3, 2008

jumping jacks

You might be wondering what the previous post is all about. Actually, I'm trying to enter my first contest, happy moments. The Top 10 entries might stand a chance to win some cash. However, to get into the Top 10, I'm gonna need as many votes I can get from you guys. Apparently you can vote as many times as you like, so keep on voting!! The contest ends on the 31st of March 2008.

I've also entered the video below for the for the video category. It's my so-called new "skill", which Umi likes to call "Jumping Jacks". It's sort of like jumping, but a 6-month-young jump, which as you can see, isn't very high, and needs some backing from Umi as well. But I only do it when I'm really really really happy, and it's obviously a very happy moment for me to jump!! So vote for the video also HERE!!

Here's more of me and my "happy-maker":

it's so soft...

...and so huggable (although it's too big for me to hug)

and I love it because... makes me happy always!!

So don't forget to vote for my BLOG and VIDEO everyday okay!!

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