May 2, 2008

cousin aryanna nadyne

I have made a short mention in my post before about my new cousin Aryanna Nadyne, Pak Alang and Auntie Nia's new princess. We wanted to go and see them in Pantai Medical Center, but when we went there baby Nadyne (as auntie Nia wanted us to call her - but Pak Alang wants us to call her Aryanna!) was under the UV light, so we didn't get a chance to see her.

still smiling after their 20-hour ordeal..

.. because they have got a new bundle of joy!! (picture courtesy of Pak Alang)

So after my cousin was properly discharged, we took the chance to see them at their home in SJ. Baby Nadyne has this really large eyes when she's all woken up, and it's sooooooo beautiful. TokPa and TokMa are also very happy to see their 7th grandchild, not being here when she was born because they were in Japan.

hello world

i'm not the center of attention anymore!!

Umi, keciknye baby tuuuu... (tak sedar diri lagi)

Baba, I can't wait to play with her!!

TokPa & TokMa's seventh blessing

heheh.. baby Nadyne just poo-poo'ed back there!!

More pictures can be viewed here

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Unknown said...

It's so great seeing nadhrah keep having new playmates within short period of time. Hehehe. May they will be a good friend of yours in the future okey???

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