Jul 14, 2008

afamosa, part 2

Day 2 at AFamosa started with a healthy breakfast... but it has to be said that the food at AFamosa is just plain awful. There's no buffet breakfast. You can only choose from the 3 choices of nasi lemak, western or porridge. And they're pre-prepared, and you'd have to eat them all cold. But then those are Umi and Baba's breakfast. I still get Umi's home made delicious hot food & yummylicious milk... hihihi

After breakfast, we wasted no time to go straight to the Animal World Safari. For me, this is probably the highlight of the whole trip.

elephants from near are quite a scary experience

The first stop in the Animal World is the Elephant show. I have to say that they're really interesting, although rather scary when they come near, with their long huge trunk. I got to see the elephant show all sort of skillz - such as riding a bicycle, drawing & painting, playing basketball (which, I must say, that they're really good at), placing penalty kicks with a big football, dancing and whole lot more stuff, some involving the audiences. I sure would like to volunteer if I was big enough!!

these jumbos really have skillz

and they do have really big butts, too

Then we just walked through the park, where I get to see a LOT of animals that I have never seen before, although it's quite a pity that they're in their enclosures. Bring me to a real safari anytime, where I can see them in the wild, will you Baba?

beautiful white geese and cute little wabbits!!

this is the only picture with all 3 of us.. and I'm busy looking at the animals

first encounter with tapirs and camels

and a REALLY close encounter with a tiger... wait, or is it Tigger?

Then there's another 2 shows after that, a multi-animal show and a bird show. Interesting as they were, they don't come close to the great elephant show. I was also so sleepy by then, and I had a nap inside the baby carrier that Baba borrowed from Pak Alang.

zzzzzzz... birds hovering above me... zzzzz

There's also a short boat ride to the monkey island, although there's not so much to see there. The monkeys are a wild bunch, and they'd scream for any food that you're holding. Short of stealing them like the one in Night in a Museum, they look like a hungry bunch of monkeys.

row row row your boat, gently down the stream
merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream

The day then continued with a trip to the Water Park. I was too sleepy by then as well, and had a short nap on Umi's shoulder while Baba took the chance to go to the scary high-speed slide. We didn't manage to snap any pictures because of all the wetness, but I sure did have fun in the kiddies pool.

That night, we were off to the Western Town which holds a daily night parade. We almost didn't make it, because Umi and Baba was torn between taking me out and letting me sleep (remember that my bedtime is really early..). But since I decided not to sleep by Maghrib, then we went there anyway. However, by the time we went in there, I was already asleep. Huhuhu. But the night parade was loud enough to wake me up for a little while, before I dozed off again and missed all the fireworks.

our "old" camera produces very bad pictures at night

twinkle twinkle fireworks
how i wonder how you work
up above the world so high
ligthing up the darkened sky

Overall, it was a very good little holiday for Umi and Baba, and kinda the first one they had where they had to bring me around. It was no easy task, especially in the car. We all had fun nonetheless, and I can't wait for the next holiday (to a real safari, hopefully!!)

More pictures can be viewed here...


Anonymous said...

syoknya tgk animals&fireworks!

-ehemm--- ;D

Anonymous said...

waaa syoknye awak nadhrah...

rase mcm nak gi lagi...hehe

Anonymous said...

best tak nadhrah?fatiha dah plan nk bwk umi ngn bapak jugak, so nak la impress kan dorg.hehe

HomeQueen said...

fuaa..bestnye nadhrah jalan2 ngan umi n baba...tak saba nak bawak adam jalan2..skarang ni asyik meneran je..hehe

Anonymous said...

yes!! sgt best!! best jugak for Umi & Baba.. becos everything for me is FREE!!

so to all Mummies & Daddies out there.. go travel with your baby/toodler.. becos everything is FREE for your little ones..

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