Jul 25, 2008


My first birthday will be coming in less than a month!! Without realising it, I'm almost a one-year old baby... how time flies. Feels just like yesterday that Umi and Baba struggles to keep up with the job of new parents by cleaning up after my dark, unscented poo-poo. Fast forward 11 months later, and now they have no issues diaper-changing me, except that the poo-poo is a different yellow colour and totally smelly.

Umi and Baba is still pondering whether to hold a birthday party. Hmmmm... will I get a birthday party?? Anybody out there wanna become a party planner? Or better still, sponsor the event? Hehehehe..

In other birthday news, before the month of July ends, I would like to wish a very belated birthday to my uncle and aunties :

Tia & Che'Ah

Pak Alang

Ayah Ngah

Happy birthday to all of you, and don't forget to buy me a nice birthday present, really soon okay!!!


Alma Aziz said...

aunty alma can definitely plan for your upcoming bday but to sponsor one...errr...maybe just the bday cake is that alrite???

babynadhrah said...

yeayyyy!! hooraayyy aunty alma!!!

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