Jul 22, 2008

feed my turtles

Together with my newfound respect for animals, I have included something for you guys to play with on the sidebar... Feed My Turtles!!

You can click on the water or the sand to feed them with some yummylicious dark green turtle food. They'll swim to the water or move verrry slowly on the sand to feed on them.

You can also drag them around. You can make them spin by dragging them and making a spin gesture (don't worry, they won't get dizzy... they even love it!!) .You can also drag them and make them race towards the food...

Have fun!!

(Thanks to baby adam hakeem for pointing this out... you can also check out his fishes over at his blog)

1 comment:

ellyWong said...

hehe.. so cute laa the turtle nadhrah. n sebab terlalu cute, aunty elly telah do something that i shouldn't haf.. iaitu drag the turtle up-down and side-to-side.. plus pusing2 to see how it goes (kejam kan!! hehe..).. nasib baik bukan turtle betul.. kalau tak, aunty elly dah kire menganiaya binatang which our teachings forbid kan.. kan nadhrah kan..

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