Jul 30, 2008


Pak Alang and Auntie Nia held a ceremony for cousin Aryanna Nadyne's bercukur the other day. There was a marhaban group, catered food, lots of family members and all. And my oh my, cousin Nadyne's grown so fast to about 6kg, just 1kg less than petit lil' me - who's about 8 months older than her. She looked cute in her all lavender dress and white ribbon-headband. Little did she know, at the end of the day, all her hair would be gone and all will be left is one gondol'ed head!!

Nadyne and her happy parents

But that's not the main highlight for me... hehehe. One of the guests is a celebrity and I get to meet Malaysia's most eligible bachelor in person!! Weehooo...

this picture will definitely make all the girls envy me (although I look far from being happy!!)

apparently I'm not the only baby who cries in his arms!!

I managed to get some nap, and this is me all groggy and sleepy after I just woke up, sitting with Umi and cousin Sarah (soon to be the leader of our girl power trio, Nadyne+Sarah=Nadhrah)

Umi : Nape muka I nampak tembam masa nih... isk isk..
Baba : Hey, hands off my wife!!
Nadhrah : I'm star-struck!!

You can view more pictures of the ceremony (and the celebrity) here. (I'm linking to your picasa, bole kan Nadyne? We're all waiting for your own blog...)


Unknown said...

nadhrah, serious makcik jeles tgk awk kene dukung ngn anuar zain!!!comel tgk muka umi nadhrah tersnyum kegembiraan, hahah

adamuiz said...

boleh tak tolong jemput anuar zain datang party harijadi i hihihih

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