Nov 7, 2008


umiNadhrah : bes ke kene babywear ni?
Nadhrah : sangat laa bes!!

I'm still a n00b (l33t speak for newbie.. if you don't know what's l33t, google it or read megatokyo like Baba always does) in babywearing. We didn't even knew that carrying a baby in a baby carrier has a name and it's called "babywearing". We just sort of understood it as carrying-your-baby-in-a-baby-carrier-so-that-your-back-and-your-hands-won't-feel-the-pain-and-ache-afterwards, or more frequently observed them as bawak-baby-dalam-karung-kain-batik-ala-bibik-bibik-indon.

I'm sure that if we were not blogging, then we still wouldn't know about babywearing. But I always thought that it was a good way to bring your baby around and have them close to you, without all the hassle and bulk of a stroller and without the pain and ache that comes with carrying your baby for long periods. We also have to raise our hats off to our friend MommyAdam, educating us with multiple posts about babywearing very early on in her blog, and now turning that babywearing+sewing passion of hers into a business. (More on that later)

Since it's international babywearing week soon, there are a few contests and giveaways available all over the internet, and I'm gonna try to share those that I'm aware of here.

1. Snuggbaby Mei Tai giveaway
You can see the little box on the sidebar, and you can enter for a free Mei Tai giveaway here. There will be 2 winners, one will be chosen based on the amount of traffic your blog directs to Snuggbaby, and another will be chosen by the relevance and experience of the blogger with babywearing (which I'm sure won't be me).

2. LaStellaBlu Baby Sling giveaway
This is also on the sidebar. It's something that came up in my email a few days ago. You just need to direct your link to LaStellaBlu's website and the winner will be based on traffic directed to the site. You can view the details here, although I don't know when the giveaway ends.

3. Malaysian Babywearers Photo Contest: Funny Babywearing Moments
If you have any funny babywearing moments photo, then you can send them and you might win a ring sling or a pouch! The contest ends on 30th November 2008.

4. Malaysian Babywearers Story Contest: What does Babywearing means to You?
For those eloquent writers, you can write your babywearing story starting with "Babywearing.." in no less than 500 words and you might win a mesh pouch. The contest also ends on 30th November 2008.

5. Malaysian Babywearers Photo Contest: Babywearers other than Mom
This is another photo contest, and all you need to do is send a picture of a babywearer other than the mom. I'm not sure if bibik indon also qualifies though, as you can get those pictures very easily. The contest also ends on 30th November 2008.

6. Malaysian Babywearers Kids Colouring Contest
This one is for the kids. Just download the print out and let your kids colour them, and send the entries to win something the kids will love - a Peek-a-Doll sling. You can teach your baby to babywear (or in this case, dollwear) at an early age. Your entry should reach the organisers by 30th November 2008 as well.

We also wanna highlight our friend MommyAdam's new online sales blog, AidaFiqs Lovely Handmade Items. Here you can get exclusive handmade Mei Tai that you cannot get elsewhere, because it comes with buckles! Imagine how easy it would be to buckle them instead of tying them up. They have a promotion of free shipping for the first 5 customers, but last we checked, out of 4 items they have made available, 3 are sold and the last one is already booked. So you need to watch out for their next HOT item.

There's something in there for everyone. And there's more activities to come when the International Babywearing Week starts on November 12th. Let's all join in the fun!!


Unknown said...

Babywearing calms fussy babies and helps decrease the occurrence of postnatal depression. The close proximity of the baby enables parents to respond to 'non-crying' signals, which results in less frustration and stress and most of all less crying.All babies are born 'pre-mature', that is they are unable to move or feed alone. Babywearing allows a baby to complete its 'exterogestation' period needed for the proper development and health of the infant.


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Anonymous said...

ko pon dah terjangkit babywearing-mania ker eeda? muahaha... tapi seriously bagus aa.. umayr tido nyenyak and senang bila aku ngan han bershopping.. if only they can reduce the price more.. huhu

aidafiqs adamia said...

nadhrah, didn't realise you wrote an entry on babywearing! alahh...nape tak join the walk yesterday...tq for the promotion on our sales blog..muahs!caayang nadhrah!

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