Feb 3, 2009

zoo negara

let's go to the zoo, there's lots of things to do..

The Zoo Negara is a place I've always wanted to go, and a place Umi and Baba have always wanted to bring me to. But we just waited for a good time to go. They thought it would be best to go when I can already walk, so that they don't have to carry me around. Heheh. Also now I can say some of the animals already when I see them :

Umi : Ti..
Nadhrah : ..ger!!
Umi : Ele..
Nadhrah : ..ephant!!
Umi : Gi..
Nadhrah : ..eraffe!!
Umi : Mon..
Nadhrah : ..key!!

Yeay!! So we actually went to the zoo... on Umi's birthday!! What a great birthday present for her, huh? First stop was the animal show. To tell you the truth, the animal show we watched back in AFamosa was much much better with plenty of animals. However, it was quite entertaining to see the seal jumping into the loop straight of the water.

watching the animal show with the birthday mommy

Actually I was so sleepy by the time we got there. Once we got to the aquarium after the show, where it was all dark and a little bit cooler than the hot weather outside, I went straight to sleep. While I slept, Umi and Baba had some fun 'kissing' the fishes...


Once we got outside though, I slowly woke up by the time we got to the giraffes and elephants (which I can pronounce!! huhuhu). We also met up with my cousin Aimar over there, who just arrived.

me still sleeping over here..

.. but all woken up by this time!!

Overall, it was a great day out to watch the animals. We don't have fancy DSLR cameras to show our animal photography skills, but anyway it was a fun time for the family.

come here, big tall giraffe!

The food was different from the last time Umi and Baba went, though (which was way back in their primary.. haha). No more KFC, and it's been replaced with another fast food chain named 'The Wild'. Well, it doesn't taste as good, but at least we know in our conscience that we're not supporting a US brand. We cannot confirm where The Wild comes from, though. Hahah.

we could only watch the tiger from a far, so this is as close as we can get to Baba's favourite animal

I wonder if they can take me as a mascot someday

A couple more pictures over here..


Anonymous said...

hi nadhrah, u seems to enjoy the trip very much, unlike me, fatiha pn dh penah gi zoo tapi bukan fatiha yg nk pegi sgt, umi and bapak yang berlebih2 nk tgk gajah+zirafah, end up nya Fatiha kebosanan dan tidur je,haha

babynadhrah said...

auntie awin,

yes, I enjoyed my trip to the zoo very much!! dah bole jalan ni, bes sikit nak pegi zoo... cuma malaysia ni panas btul laa.. Umi nak pakai kan topi tapi nadhrah tanak.. hahaha

en_me said...

sonoknyerr baby gi zoo kanns.. salamms

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