Apr 1, 2009


We should be doing this Earth Hour every month!! It's so fun!!

Uuu.. gelapnyer. What's this shiny little thing here?

Bile kecik dia kawan, bile besa jadi lawan... apa dia??

ntv7 has this great show 'Big Ideas for A Small Planet' about how people (mainly in the US) do some pretty amazing things which can help the environment, and generate some business along the way. It's being shown on 7.30pm every.. err.. which day, I don't quite remember. I think it's on Thursdays.

Let's do more for the environment, babeh!!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hi nadhrah.. uncle nak jawab soalan teka teki tu..."Bile kecik dia kawan, bile besa jadi lawan... apa dia??" Emm.. rasaksa!!! Salah2 API.. lain kali jangan kawan api.. hehehe.

Takut ngan uncle lagi ke??? Huhuhu.

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