Apr 7, 2009

paddington bear/bag

why I'm being named after the place in london, beats me

This is the Paddington bear slash bag that I got from Umi and Baba! Thanks so much Umi and Baba! Now not only I have another plushie in my growing collection of teddies, I also have a bag that I can carry around to bring my things along. Woohoo!!

saaaayang paddington!!

The price tag? Well, some shampoos, health supplements, medicine and some more stuff from Guardian pharmacy, that's what. Heheh. I'm sure most of you are aware of the Paddington bear campaign by Guardian some time back. Basically you get one sticker with every RM25 worth of purchase, and you collect them to redeem the Paddington bear stuff. You get this bear/bag with the most number of stickers at 50, making the actual value to be RM25 x 50 = RM1,250!!

he's almost the same size as me, and we both fit into a toyogo

I'm sure you're thinking right now, "Spending RM1,250 for a bear??!!". Well, we really didn't spend that much. Thanks to many of Umi and Baba's friends who are kind enough to give them the stickers, although some of them regularly shop there and have more than 10 of them at a time.

stay still while i'm drawing you here

Actually on the last day we can redeem those bears, we were still short of a few stickers to reach 50, so Baba had to buy some health supplements to get them. Way to go, Baba!! I'm sure you're much healthier now! Hehehe... (although no thanks to Ayah Ngah, who said he had 7 stickers, but then threw them away and couldn't find where they were!)

this is how we wear each other

Umi said we could bring the bear/bag together with me when I'm gonna be travelling on the aeroplane for the first time in a few weeks' time. We're going to KK, yeay!! I can bring along my stuff together with me and put them nicely in encik paddington here.

Oh, we're gonna have so much fun!!


Unknown said...

alalala comey nya die ngan beg tuh!!

Hanys Jehari said...

comel nya. sama besar ngan nadhrah je paddington tu... huhu

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