Aug 26, 2009

ipoh trip - part 1

kalau org ckp "comel", saya buat mcm ni...

We went to Ipoh early this month. Baba had a friend's wedding, so we decided to extend the weekend and stay in Ipoh for 2 nights and jalan-jalan over there.

congrats to Uncle Meon & his wife

So what's in Ipoh? Well, apparently, not much. No offence to Ipoh-ans, but we didn't find that there was too much to do, albeit on a very short stay.

Nevertheless, it was a fun trip. The first day, after the wedding and freshening up at the hotel, we just wandered around and by chance, came to this park where there were people playing kites! Weehoo. Apparently we have a kite in the car (Baba borrowed it from a friend, planning to go to Kepong for some time, but never made it). So yeszaa... let's go kite-flying in Ipoh!!

it was quite a breezy day, so the kite went up pretty fast

cuba gaya comel lagi

borrowing this photography trick from other blogs i read

Umi's unsuccessful attempt..

.. and Baba's over-the-top poyo-ing pose

oh, and there were bubbles too!!

Baba, nak spiderman tu!!

and the nearby playground was a blast!!

let's slide yo... weeee!!

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