Oct 19, 2009

the evolution of the bed


the cot was fine...

but it got too crampy..

especially with my 'buas' tido style..

cos I move around a lot..

and I find myself out of space before long..

I guess it's time to change..

when I started to do this..

or this..


so Umi and Baba moved me down..

so that I can get a good night's sleep..

I'm happy to be surrounded by these colourful numbers..

I'm happier still that I can move more freely now..

and get to wake up oh-so-happy..


since we moved to our home I get my own room..

I'm still surrounded by the lovely numbers..

wishful thinking

but how I wish I can slide down my bed, and play house underneath it!!


ellyWong said...

ehehe cute~ ;)

uj3x said...

mana entry open house?

ummu umar said...

lama xupdate?:)


babynadhrah said...

huhu.. umi & baba busy macam bees.... this month both of them are outstation... isk isk isk

S-N-B said...

terjumpa masa bloghopping, suka n3 ni, mmg dah berangan utk anak i mcm ni jugak :)

Farah . 5577 said...

hi tgh bloghop.. :)

hehe.. teruja sbb nama anak kite sama..! how old is ur nadhrah? cute laa dia, xtahan tgk dia turun katil..

care to exchange links?

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