Apr 28, 2010

cousin Sarah

Nadhrah's cousin Sarah just went through a successful surgery related to her cleft lip. Let's all pray for her speedy recovery from her 4th surgery in her very young life.

You can read more about Sarah here.

On a totally unrelated story, one day we heard Nadhrah singing :

besa besa..cha cha cha.. caya.. kala hatiku... (ulang ulang banyak kali)

We were thinking, what song is that she's singing? "Besar besar"? What is this "besar besar" song? But somehow it sounded so familiar. After much thinking, then Baba finally figured it out. Nadhrah was singing Extravaganza by Bunkface!! (Link)

Actual lyrics :
Rasa resah jangan kau percaya
Dalam hatimu (dalam hatimu)
Rasa resah jangan kau percaya
Kata hatimu (kata hatimu)

besa besa..cha cha cha.. caya..
kala hatiku...
besa besa..cha cha cha.. caya..
kala hatiku...

Sejak bile jadik bunkfan nih?


Qiha Aziz said...

hebat nadhrah. cik ah pon tak tahu!

Hanys Jehari said...

nadharah.. giler lawak.. but cool..

Unknown said...

mak cik tk pnah denga pn nadhrah, mesti sbb Baba suke dengar ye

babynadhrah said...

che ah: sbb che ah tak penah suruh nadhrah nyanyi...

aunty hanys: yeszaa.. i know i am super cool..

aunty awin: tak penah dgr lagu extravaganza bunkface? seriously? which era are you?.... huhuhu..

iL4na said...

Read bout Sarah already and hope that she'll go through speedy recovery insyaAllah. AMIN!

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