Jun 2, 2010


Birthday dinner for April babies (I know, so not up to date!!) at delicious. First time for me there. Kinda like the atmosphere & the colours. The food, in my humble opinion, is kinda so-so though..

it's so delicious

making faces

more faces

activity sheet for intelligent kids

playful cousin Aimar

delicious err.. food

random pillows

By the way, is having a mid-year sale from 1-18 June 2010. Come check it out!!


Fedy said...

fedy suke mkn situ.. pasta die quite sedap.. n banoffee pie die.. eeda order ape arituh?

emilda adam said...

i ordered fish burger or sumthing.. quite nice becos the fish portion is huge and fresh.. and of course the irrestable "death by chocolate" drink... sluurrppss

hellostz said...

I gotta say the pics are turning out really2 good :) good compositions too :D bravo bravo! must be the new camera ey?

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