Oct 14, 2011

things to do in east coast malaysia

yes, i know.. this might be the longest i've ever left this blog cold-stoned.. insya Allah, starting today i'll update regularly..

so far most of my trips involved the east coast area.. maybe because Baba's side of the family is from there.. and the main reason going there is to attend a family event.. so if you are on your way to the east coast, here are some activities that you can do..

1. breakfast hai peng style
if you are on your way to Terengganu or going back to KL from Terengganu in the morning, make sure you stop at Kedai Kopi Hai Ping, Kemaman for a nice breakfast.. adults will love the aromatic coffee.. while i enjoy eating their nasi dagang and yummy kuih..

having breakfast before starting of a long journey...

2. learn more about sea-turtles
east coast is famous with the habitats of sea-turtles.. so why not stop by and visit one of the turtle sanctuary available along the main coastal road.. most of these sanctuary are free entry and maintained by the government.. last May, i went to Cherating Turtle Sanctuary which is next to Club Med Cherating..

one of the mama-turtle..

if you're lucky, you might have the chance to see these little guys..

they were 3 days old... so tiny and cute.. and blind..

they separate the turtles by size and age

and if you reached there at the right time, you might have the chance to feed them..

before leaving the place, donate some cash to help save the turtles.. your RM1 can make a difference..

3. fun at the beach
the east coast is well-known with its sandy and windy beaches.. no need to further elaborate about that.. my family love the beach, who doesn't, right? besides than strolling, swimming, snorkeling, scuba-diving, surfing... what can a 4-year-old do at the beach?

kite flying of course!! thanks to Uncle Halim, a friend of Baba's.. we have been borrowing and keeping his kite for more than 2 years now.. hehe

windy beach, perfect for kite flying..

4. learn about the heritage of terengganu (i am 4, so i need to learn a lot of stuff...)

welcome to the State Museum of Terengganu

this is not just a big old house, it is the state museum with loads of ancient artifacts.. the building itself is ancient.. the place is huge.. you need half a day to cover each inch of the museum.. we didn't spend long in there as we were so hungry and tired at that time, hence the lack of photos.. hehe

5. visit the Crystal Mosque
Umi and Baba always prefer to solat at mosque while travelling.. and everytime we are at Kuala Terengganu, we never miss this place for a prayer or two.. this place is located at the Islamic Heritage Park, well known as Taman Tamadun Islam in Wan Man Island.. they have this miniature buildings of famous mosque and building in islamic countries all around the world.. i have yet to visit this place, because everytime i reach here, it is scorching hot.. so maybe next time..

Masjid Kristal Terengganu

alamak, blur pulak gamba ni...


Hanys Jehari said...

dah jadi anak dara si nadhrah ni.. :). cantik gile masjid kristal tu. rugi tak pegi dulu. isk

Unknown said...

Hohoho... that's why i wonder, the kite seems familiar to me and when you were saying it is from Uncle Halim... yup, it's my kite... hehehe. Hem, never mind nadhrah... treat it as a gift from Uncle... play well and study well okey....?

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