Oct 16, 2011

toot-toot and batrick

For the past 3 years (including this year), my birthday falls during Ramadan month.. no party, no balloons, no bundle of presents.. only cake and close family breaking fast together..

I've been telling Umi and Baba what I wanted for my 4th birthday (last August) since early this year..

and they gave me a pair of this... TADAAAAAA!!!

teenage mutant ninja turtles!!

YES, I got what I've always wanted... tiny turtles!! (actually these are tortoises, turtles only live in the sea.. I call them turtles because it is easier to pronounce..)

The small one is Toot-Toot while the big one is named Batrick.. NOT Patrick (like in spongebob), but Batrick.. hehe...

the top one is Toot-Toot, while the bottom one is Batrick...

I have to feed them once a day with these small little tortoise food.. I don't like the smell of it but for the sake of Toot-Toot and Batrick, I just need to bear with it.. every 2 days, I have to clean their small tank and replace with clean water.. this is tough job and a new responsibility to me.. but i enjoy every minute of it as long as I can keep them.. :)

Lately, for 2 weeks now, Toot-Toot refused to eat.. I don't know why.. I even tried to separate both of them to ensure each will eat their portion of food equally, if not Batrick will finish it all.. yesterday when i got back from the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, Toot-Toot was not moving at all, just sit there frozen.. even when I held it on my palm, still no movement.. Umi said that Toot-Toot was dead..

Baba told me that we have to bury Toot-Toot.. me thinking, why do we need to bury it? What if Toot-Toot wakes up in the soil and couldn't open his/her eyes, and couldn't find any water?... Umi explained that Toot-Toot is no longer alive in this world.. Allah will be taking it to syurga and meet other turtles... hmmmm, I sure hope there's water in syurga...

the funeral.. somewhere at the back of our 'tall' house..

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Enrichment Class for Kids said...

Awwww, this must have been really sad for her. Her first encounter on death. Well, how did she reacts?

did she accept it well?

Must have been hard on her.

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