Jan 29, 2008

habits 101 : mulut kemam

New habit alert!! I dont' know when, I don't know how, I don't know why. But I just like to do it... All together now!






Umi & Baba says : It's a very cute habit, and we can't stop laughing when Nadhrah does that! We'd race to get the camera to snap her on it, but she'd stop and stare at the camera once she sees it. It was hard to get the pics, but here in this series of pics she did persist on doing it while getting clothed. But lately she's not doing it as much, maybe she'd drop it sooner or later. So this pictures are a dollar a piece!


Anonymous said...

hi baby nadhrah u r so cute la..!
terhibur auntie tgk gambar2 awak :D

Anonymous said...

grrrrrrrrrr! comel nyaaaaaaaa

babynadhrah said...

thanks auntie lyna and auntie hannis... well i guess that's one of the purpose of this blog.. to draw some smiles on people faces.. hehe

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