Jan 13, 2008

the stroller - part 1

I mentioned before in my previous post, that Umi wants a new stroller for me. But Baba's not so keen. Well, here's the full story. We currently have 2 strollers available for use, and Umi's unhappy with both of them. But from Baba's point of view, they're both free!!

Stroller #1 - BIG dark-blue multi-feature

This stroller is actually inherited from Baba's Kaklong. Since she's not using it anymore - plus, she has an extra one as well - she lets Baba and Umi to use it for me. The problem is, it's so bulky that it can't fit into the Kelisa's small boot. Baba had to put it in the passenger seat, and compromise on driving safety whenever we had to bring that stroller around.

But it boasts a lot of features. Umi can choose whether to push me around front-facing or back-facing. There's also a small basket underneath to put my things, which is always useful when we go out cos I need Umi and Baba to bring along a lot of stuff for whatever my needs on the road.

push me faster, faster!!

can we go see a movie?

what's behind me now?

hmmm.. I wonder if they'd buy this thing for me..

I want that one!!

Stroller #2 - small red-white lightweight umbrella-style

Tok-Ma bought this one for cousin Aimar a while back because it's easy to use. Cousin Aimar's stroller (Quinny Zap with Maxi-Cosi car seat - google it up, boys and girls) is a bit too complicated for Tok-Ma. Since cousin Aimar is in Japan now, this stroller is free for me to use.

This one folds umbrella-style, so it fits nicely into the car boot. But Umi can't change the orientation of the handle to make me back-facing, and there's no baskets or compartments to put my stuff in. Plus it's a little bit small-ish, and I'm not getting any smaller by the day.

seems like this is the only position I can be in

hmmm... this tastes good

brrr.. it's cold here in the dairy aisle

what u looking at?

Umi's search for a new stroller continues...

So, will Umi get her wish? Will I get a new stroller? Will Baba be able to save any money at all?

Stay tuned to find out...


Anonymous said...

aisey naddy, cakap jer kat umi guna mana yang ader.. haha..

alang2 nak beli stroller, haruslah silver cross kensington teros!

Anonymous said...

uncle jey??!!!! that sounds soooo gay...!!!! hahahhaha... btw stay tune for "the stroller - part 2"... jeng jeng jeng....

Anonymous said...

allo.. anak sedara aku sumer panggil uncle jey yer..

ker nak ikot gaya kelantan sket.. ayah jey.. haha

babynadhrah said...

i agree... "uncle jey" sounds soooo gay...

silver cross kensington?? tak penah dgr pon... why don't "uncle jey" buy one for me??

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