Jan 27, 2008

the stroller ultimatum

In keeping up with Hollywood movie tradition, things come in trilogies. However, "the stroller - part 3" doesn't have the same ring to it as the above title, which just oozes class. Heheh.

So I have a new stroller. Where does the story continue? Of course, (also in keeping with Hollywood movie trends) back to the place where it all began in the first part - Sogo!! Well, Umi wanted to go because there is a sale going on there. And of course, I get to try my brand new stroller. Yeayy!!

it fits perfectly in the car boot!!

look at my feet!! it's so spacious in here!!

cool babe comin' thru!!

I'm turning green.. am i gonna turn into Hulk??

Umi's favourite girl

Baba also joining in the fun

the stroller Umi originally wanted vs. the stroller Umi bought

all belted up

I'm gonna perform a Houdini with these belts one day

hmm... I wonder where's the auto-cruise button

all these shopping is tiring me... time for a nap!!

just for old time's sake.. sogo yatta!!

p/s : trilogies are out, (pointless) comebacks are in... maybe when I'm older, I'll make a bigger, better, badder, brainless comeback and do a part 4 ala Rambo/Die Hard and name it "John Stroller 4.0"


Anonymous said...

salam lil' nadrah..dah lain muka dr masa acik jumpe dulu..makin cute;) more to baba ke ummi?

babynadhrah said...

dah lama tak jumpe umar.. mesti die dah buas... boleh lari sane-sini.. i can't wait to walk!! i think i have Baba's face, but Umi's features are starting to show also :)

Anonymous said...

a'ah la..byk muka baba..anak pompuan muka baba sejuk kata org tua2..besar nanti campur muka umi ye br unik;) umar dah lasak (sampai ati kata buas:P) dah lari san sini and ckp sikit2 dah..:D

Sue said...

akum.. nk tanye la esprit stroller tu muat ke dlm boot kelisa? how much ek? coz im still serchg 4 d rite stroller, prefer umbrella folding coz easy to carry esp in flight. bole tak reply msg kat my blog www.sueqaisara.blogspot.com

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