Mar 6, 2008

habits 103 : yoga leg-stretching

A little bit of YOga and LEg STretching keeps me healthy and flexible... I call them YOLEST for short...

stretchy stretchy

future national gymnast

can I just have them Olympic medal now?

look at me feet!!

try clothing me when I'm doing my routine here

and a double bumper habit special... yolest + mulut kemam = yomukem (I just keep coming up with these new words!! genius!!)

On a separate note, Umi started fasting today. She has like, a month to ganti becos she gave birth to me right before Ramadhan last year. So how does that affect me? Well, she's producing less natural juice for me, even though she just started fasting today. Umi eating less = less milk for me. Oh no!! I hope it doesn't dry up... I need all those vitamins, minerals, SA, DA (I just threw in these letters cos they keep showing up in all those milk adverts) and whatever else is in there. Plus, it's the best time for me to bond with Umi. Actually I won't be able to sleep at night without being in her lap, enjoying my daily dose of milky deliciousness. But Umi, I understand that you have to keep your duties to the Almighty.
So... Good Luck, Umi!!


Anonymous said...

Hi baby Nadrah... I have a solution for you if u want ur Umi to still produce healthy and yummy milk for u while she's fasting. It's nutritious, full of vitamins, minerals, fibre and its balanced nutrition in one shake... so both u and Umi don't have to compromise on balance nutrition even though she's fasting. Also, it can help her lose weight and shape her body, if she's wants to. Wanna know more? Ask Tia to explain to Umi and Baba.

Love.. Tia

iL4na said...

Tia i want to know more. just started my fasting also eeda! alhamdulillah susu pump sama byk cam dulu cuma takot it might be decreasing more soon. any tips??

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