Mar 11, 2008


I can't sit up on my own yet, but Umi and Baba have been trying to sit-train me..

They started with the Bumbo baby seat in Baba's house in PJ. The seat is actually cousin Aimar's, and I've been using them freely since he's having so much fun blending in with the Japanese in Osaka. (Auntie Alma, gomen-neh!! We're using a lot of Aimar's stuff here, including but not limited to the baby seat, beep, playgym, diaper changing pad etc.) The seat's kinda funny looking, and if you turn it upside down you can clearly see the shape of a baby's buttocks!

What if you don't have a Bumbo baby seater? Well, don't worry... You can follow Baba's idea with an improvised seating device:

There is no rush to get me to sit up. After all, a baby's back is a fragile thing and it's only natural to let me grow up naturally and let nature take its course. Plus when I still can't sit up or move around on my own then I can get Umi and Baba to put me on their laps or carry me around, which is something that I really really like!

[Disclaimer : There are reports all around the Internet of hazards and accidents involving the Bumbo baby seat. So if you don't have one and thinking of getting one, I might as well get you informed. If you already have one, then do take care of your baby when using it.]

By the way, congrats to ChuNa for your excellent SPM results!! Yeay, we're gonna have a doctor in the family soon...!!


Alma Aziz said...

Salam Baby's your cousin Aimar here. So mommy told me that you've been using quite a number of my stuff? No worries, for you...I won't be charging anything since Ayahde is a "single bread-winner". But I haven't even tried on my diaper changing you have "rasmikan" on my behalf. Please pee & poo on it while Umi is changing your diaper to mark your territory so that once I come can be yours forever. Teehehe. Okay, time for my snacks. Miss you & take care. Regards to your Baba & Umi.

P/S : You are getting cutier & smarter by day!!!

babynadhrah said...

luckily i'm a good girl.. i haven't pee & poo on it.. i only do that on my changing mat.. hehe.. can't wait to meet cousin aimar soon..

F said...

owh thank you nadhrah! wait, a doctor in the family? whoaa chill, we'll see how it goes in the future :) toodles.

iL4na said...

babynadhrah its ok that u cannot sit on your own. as for baby haiqal..sit sudah boleh.. tapi rollover or crawl sgt lah x nampak bayang pun bcoz of the saiz badan. so no worries darling..follow your own pace. after all..every baby are special in its own way :) take care dear.

p/s: bila nak baby jamming ni. jom pi Langkawi nak next month celebrate d daddy's bday :)

Anonymous said...

wah nak pinjam! kat sini tersangatlah mahalnye benda itu hehe.

Anonymous said...

chuna :
go and be a doctor!! heheh...

lana :
ngko organize laa baby jamming... umi nadhrah malu2 dan segan laa.. langkawi no can do laa.. dekat2 sini je bole laa kot..

mami hafiy :
sori, bumbo takleh nak kasi pinjam cos it's not ours in the 1st place.. kitorg pon pinjam jugak..

but the improvised seating device tu bole laa.. rent at rm1 per day... inquiries are welcome.. :)

babynadhrah said...

langkawi? well Umi and Baba celebrated Baba's bday at Langkawi last year while i was still in the tummy... hehe

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