Apr 11, 2008

more myfamily updates!!

1. Auntie Nia successfully delivered a healthy 3.03kg baby girl yesterday at 5.52PM, apparently after 20 hours of labour. Alhamdulillah, both baby and mommy are doing fine. My new cousin's name is... ARYANNA NADYNE. Yeay, bole main2 dgn dia nanti bile dah besa!!

2. tokPa and tokMa's pictures of their travels to Japan has just arrived, still one more week before they're due to return. The wonders of technology and the internet nowadays. They seem like they're having a lot of fun with cousin Aimar. However, I do wonder how tokPa is coping without his regular dose of golf, what with the Augusta Masters having started.

getting used with japanese food & chopsticks

sakura blossoming (makes me wanna go there!!)

tokPa : yo yo
tokMa : Pa, you're not that young anymore
aimar : hihihi

cameraman : look at the camera, everyone
aimar : tanak...!!
ken watanabe (at the back) : alaa.. tak sempat nak tgk camera!!


Unknown said...

eeda, i've never missed going through nadhrah's blog, heheh.suka bace cerita dia.and aku tkde gmba menarik utk dipertontonkan kepada umum since dh gemuk gile cmni.hahah, get to find way to reduce/remove once deliver nnt.

Anonymous said...

huhuhu.. relax laaa sume pregnant women camtu.. you should be proud to be one.. the fastest way to reduce weight is breastfeeding.. aku sekrg dah kembali kepada berat normal aku before pregnant.. tapi bump kat perut ade laaa skit...

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