Apr 8, 2008

myfamily shoutouts

Just a short post for these shoutouts...

1. A happy (slightly belated) birthday to tokMa who turns 59 while in Japan visiting cousin Aimar. Hope you guys have fun over there. Baba have helped give them some Japanese lessons for them to find their way around (not!! actually Baba just gave them a pocket jap-eng-jap dictionary, which tokMa find the fonts are too small to be read).

my first barber hair stylist

this is my normal face with tokMa.. I always cry when I'm with her!! sorry ye tokMa..

I know that you guys will read this blog from Japan, so don't forget to bring back some ole-ole for babynadhrah here (and also for Umi and Baba) when you get back okay.

(Btw Auntie Alma, Baba's prepared to chip in for any bday presents for tokMa, so just go ahead. He'll pay back in a 1-year instalment plan!!)

2. Auntie Nia will be going into induced labour probably later today. w00t!! Another cousin and playfriend on the way!! Good luck Auntie Nia and Pak Alang!!

Auntie Nia practising her baby carrying skillz

3. chuNa's probably at home reading this, cos she's online all the time. After her excellent SPM results came out, she's become a dedicated brownie & cupcake baker and full time internet junkie, while also applying for universities and scholarships. Good luck chuNa! Also, help chuNa vote for her REXONA TEENS ROOM MAKEOVER...

help chuNa and che'Ah get a room makeover!!

4. Tia's also going overseas to the UK this Friday for some academia work. So that means... more presents for me when she gets back!! Hehehehe... snicker!! Sorry that we (me, Umi and Baba) probably can't send you off to the airport cos it's already past my bedtime by then. So hope you have fun over there, and don't forget to send my regards to Cristiano Ronaldo okay.

fun time with my aunts - Tia, chuNa and Auntie Nia

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