Apr 6, 2008

eye on malaysia

The Eye on Malaysia. An engineering masterpiece. Err... really?? It was here for the whole of last year at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa and we never got the chance to go there (partly because I was still in Umi's tummy until August last year). Since it was extended until Merdeka this year and we didn't know where else to go and it's really quite near to our house, we just decided to go for a spin on the Eye of Malaysia.

For Umi and Baba, who have both separately experienced the bigger, larger, huger London Eye while they were in the UK... this might be nothing. But it's stil an eye-opener for me. Come to think of it, I've never really gone up on a high structure before. So up we went.

One round of the wheel cycle finished quite fast. Took some pictures, but not quite satisfied. We thought we had to exit after one round, but the wheel just continued. After two rounds, it still continued. Took more pictures. Three rounds, still didn't stop. Yeayy! Four rounds, and it still goes on. Weehooo!! Only after the fifth round, the wheel stopped and the doors opened for us to give our way to other people, who we noticed have been waiting since our 2nd round.

So, enjoy the pics...

some pose before going up 'The Eye'

Baba hold me tight, we're going up!!

Umi, why is it breezy in here? Oooo it's the air-cond up there!

I'm way down here!!

So this is why I like to make faces.. I got the genes from Umi!!

a family that sticks together, plays together

More pictures here...

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Anonymous said...

i swear i wanna bite your cheek as soon as i meet u!

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