Apr 17, 2010

baba's early birthday gift

Baba's birthday is not til next week, but Umi have pulled off an early surprise and gifted him an early birthday gift. And it was the best... gift... ever...!!! Guess what?

see if you can detect what it is from here...

.. or maybe from here...

if you still cannot determine what it is from here, tak tau la nak kata..

i'll give you a hint.. Baba's the one holding it, not me...

yesszaaa.. it's a brand new Canon EOS 500D DSLR!! Now Baba can take nice pictures of me everyday. But it does come with a small note from Umi to Baba though...

1. This will be the only birthday gift for the next 5 years...
2. Baba needs to be good with it within 6 months... kalau tak Umi jual kat eBay
3. Last but not least, Baba needs to love Umi more then the DSLR (of course laa kan...)

Alamak... cepat Baba learn how to use that thing fast... if not nanti kene jual... Well, Baba is still a newbie, so he would need all the help from expert photographers out there. Please give him your DSLR tips on how to take good pictures. Other than having a good eye to spot the best angle for the best picture, what else?

The next good thing about this DSLR? It's the part where I get ownership of the old point-and-shoot camera!!

yeayyy.. now i can take pictures of myself

or i can go in superhero mode to save the world with it

What's your top 3 DLSR tips??

p/s : We're off to Charating for the weekend for Umi and Baba's KMYS2000 family day!! Woohoo!!


iL4na said...

whoaaaa best giler bday gift. Happy Bday in advance Muiz!

top 3 tips?

1. DOF
2. WB
3. SS

hehe good luck!

muiz said...

what kind of tips is this? lansong aku takleh apply... hahahaha..

from my own reading:
1. never use auto mode.. either use Apperture or Manual
2. learn how to use Metering
3. practice, practice and practice

Anonymous said...

Waaa!!! Muiz dah ade dslr..500D lak tu..mantop!!!Patutla tgk gmbr gathering kmys kat FB semacam je angle and dof..heheh..

-Daddy AdaMia-

muiz said...

fiqs... aku kene banyak belajo dari ngko... bagik laa tips2 terkemuka ko...

Anonymous said...

Ala..aku pun bese2 je Muiz..nanti aku balik lagi, bolehla jumpa..kita sembang2 camera lak..eheheh..

p/s: Weh! bile nk tambah lagi..heheh..

-Daddy AdaMia-

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