Apr 13, 2010

cousin zariya's aqiqah

some posing in my airy baju kurung before I say anything

We went to cousin Zariya's aqiqah at their house in SgBuloh the other day. There were some ppl from the nearby surau and the rest of us family members. It was interesting with all the tahlil and selawat while other people cut some hair off her. And then there's the lamb curry which scent stuck to Baba's hand for some time.

Aimar and his sister

Umi and Baba doing the honours

some more posing

look at Umi and Baba's faces as they are talking to each other... enjoying the conversation, aren't they?

nyum nyum nyum...

Then, we had a surprise for TokMama, who was gonna be celebrating her 61st birthday the day after. Happy 61st, TokMama!!

the surprise really took her by surprise

We love you, TokMama!

posing lagi...

The night after, we had some birthday dinner at Marche's. I think this is like the fourth time we've been there. The family likes to go there a lot, I think maybe due to the fact that there's options for everyone, we don't have to order any specific food, we can get whatever we want and see them prepare the food before us. However, somehow Marche's food options has become less. Now they seem to rotate the menu, instead of having everything cooked everyday. There were only 2 types of pasta that day, and both of them doesn't go to my liking. But I was too tired that day, I slept through much of the dinner.

Luckily Aimar brought his stroller for me to sleep in

sharing is caring

the Birthday girl (who was paying.. thankQ tokMama!!) and the rest of us

More hair-cutting and munching galore pics here.

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