Feb 15, 2008

bowlin bowlin bowlin

After the Putrajaya outing, we went to Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Club for a family bowling 'tournament'. Before I was born, Baba and Umi usually only have a family bowling session, but this time Tok-Pa came up with some surprise presents (which turned out to be... jeng jeng jeng... read until the end).

Baba used to be in the school bowling MSN (Majlis Sukan Negara) project. He was groomed supposedly to be the nation's answer to the next male bowling champion. But unfortunately he choose the safe, boring path and went on to work in IT instead. Well, like he said, at least his arms are not disproportionately sized anymore (compare any professional bowler's right and left arms and you'll see one significantly bigger than the other - believe it!).

Anyway, it was 'hujan kucing dan anjing' on that day, and I took a nap in the bowling alley to the sound of bowling balls crashing into the pins. In the end, Baba only managed to get 3rd place for the Male (adult category) behind his uncle and my uncle respectively. However, Umi and Baba's lane team - together with Ayah Ngah and Che'Ah - managed to scoop up the Best Team category (courtesy of Baba playing for Umi for almost half of the 'tournament' bcos Umi had to dodoi me to sleep).

I can put 3 fingers in one hole!

auntie #1 - Tía (Spanish for aunt)

auntie #3 - Che'Ah

auntie #4 - ChuNa

uncle #1 - Ayah Ngah

uncle #2 - Pak Alang (with Auntie Nia plus baby-in-the-tummy)

yeay!! Umi and Baba won!!

one for the family

and a totally unrelated special picture from Japan, just so that they don't feel left out:

auntie #2 - Auntie Alma, with Uncle Zul & cousin Aimar (and also the cast of The Wizard of Oz)

By the way, the presents turned out to be drinking mugs with a special thank you note on it from a certain wakil rakyat (obviously unused since the last general election)... cheeky

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