Feb 21, 2008

1/2 birthday

It's my half birthday today! I'm 6-months old! Yeayyyy!!

Milestones :

I can sit!!

I can stand!! (with a little, ahem, help)

I can reach my toes!! I also pull them close to my face sometimes

I'm eating!! Twice daily!!

And also,
  • I'm sleeping less nowadays. 7pm - 7am, with a 1 hour awake time in between. (This is causing Umi and Baba to sleep less also). During the day, I only sleep for half an hour twice, because I find playing with Umi is much more fun than sleeping. Weeeeeeeeeeeee...........

(oopss.. it's breastfeeding time.. will update this list later..)


  • When I get bored of sucking my thumbs and fingers, I suck my toes.

  • I can move in circles and sometimes backwards when I'm on my stomach (meniarap). Umi tried so hard to make me move forward. I'm not really in to that yet. Once I start to move on my own, I don't think Umi would carry me that often. I love when Umi carries me everywhere.

  • Sometimes I like to scream in high-pitch just for the sake of fun. Hehehehe...

  • I can hum... I don't know what song it is, but it just goes like hmmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, huuuuhhhhhh...

  • I'm doing the mulut kemam more often now. Hey, I'm not dropping the cute habit after all!

  • Latest skill developed: Jumping Jacks! (stay tuned)

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