Feb 7, 2008

appointment with the doc

Did I mention that I went to the doctor for my 5th month jab? Two weeks ago, Umi and Baba brought me to see my paediatrician. First I was put on the weight scale to see how my weight is progressing.

Birth : 2.5 kg
1st month : 3.0 kg
2nd month : 4.2 kg
3rd month : 4.8 kg
5th month : 5.6 kg

Well, I'm still my itsy-bitsy tiny petit little self. But the doc said the progress is fine. Just need to start on the solid food part thing, which I'm enjoying right now. She also asked Umi what I can do now at 5 months young. Well, I would love to show her how I can roll and how I can make my mouth go kemam. But Umi just answered that I can do all those stuff (well, she didn't actually tell the doc about the mouth thingy... maybe she wanted to though).

And then it was time...

relax.. doctor just wanna check you..

..then unsuspectingly, doctor stick this needle in your thigh

huh? uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

...aaaaaaa!!! how could you??

then doctor put some oral medicine in your mouth while it's wide open

alalala cayang... cian dia

Umi, save me from the evil doctor

Umi : the doctor is not evil.. she just wants you to be healthy, darling

Baba (from the background) : be strong, my young Padwan.. I sense the force is becoming stronger in you.. may the force be with you..

So there. My next appointment would be after my 1st birthday (weehoo!! no more jabs for the next 6 months!!). The doc also asked Umi to start putting eggs into my diet when I'm around 10-11 months, to see whether I'm allergic to it. That's because the next jab at 1-year-old has got something to do with that. If I'm not allergic to eggs, then fine, but if I am, then that's a different story. For now, I'll just wait until that time comes.


Anonymous said...

sian dia nangis kena cucuk. Tasneem pun menjerit kene jap aritu.lepas ni everymonth ler kene cucuk smpailah ke 6 bln nnt ek..jgn dia phobia dgn doc udah ler. hehheee

Anonymous said...

wah the jabs stopped at 5th month pastu setahun plak... why here everymonth kena jab sampai 12mos.. huhu... that's not including supplementary jabs yg only for sabah/sarawak babies.. huhu.

saba aje la everymonth kena glamerkan muka kat klinik paed tuh.

neway babynadhrah so baiks la.. my hafiy sampai2 klinik je dh melalak. cam tau2 je nk kena jab.

Anonymous said...

maybe kat east malaysia vaccination asing2 kot.. sbb ade vaccination yg mcm dlm bentuk combo laa.. so that less visits to the doctor and less pain.. ataupun kat sana byk wabak2 penyakit lain yg takde kat semenanjung..

babynadhrah kalau pegi jalan-jalan mmg laaa baik.. tak kesah laaa gi mana.. klinik pun jadik.. tapi bile org tak kenal tegur2 die.. mule laa cebik-cebik muke...

ibuhannah said...

hi ida... i masih bermalas malasan lagi kat rumah.. belum berperasaan nak keje. u camana ? dah keje?

Anonymous said...

olololoo...cian die kene cucuk..takpa2..jgn nangis2 mcm baba tau..anyway..maybe this is a bit late..but to make it official..congrates muiz and eeda for having such a cute babynadhrah!!!..and welcome to the world nadhrah..so happy for you guys

Anonymous said...

Dear babynadhrah,

What a great girl you're *hugs*

Wish ya a superb day with your beloved mama & papa :)

Thank you so much for visiting our family blog, hope we could be friend.

May Allah swt blessed your sugary family my dear.

Hugs n kisses from auntie ^_-

babynadhrah said...

ibuhannah : since i was born umi is really-really occupied taking care of me.. hehe.. i have her full attention.. hehe.. but recently she started to look for jobs.. and i always distract her from doing that..

uncle jijoy : thank you uncle jijoy!.. i know i'm CUTE!! hehe.. when can i meet my "playfriend"?

mamafiza : thank you for visiting my blog, auntie...

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