Feb 4, 2008

my first solid food xp-rience

Umi and Baba have noticed that I watch them very closely and with full of interest whenever they are eating. That's because I'm amazed with the eating process, y'all!! I'm fascinated by the way all you grown-ups put those big chunks of delicious, yummy, colourful food in your mouth and they just disappear. It's just like magic!

So recently, Umi made something for me to eat as a starter course, and here's how it goes...

Day 1 - Umi made some pureed banana for me. Umi blended the banana with some milk added in, just so that it wouldn't be so alien to my tastebuds. And guess what? I really love it!! I love how it tasted in my mouth. It's so different to what I've been having all these while...

I wonder how this is gonna taste

first bite..

..second bite..

..and now I can't stop..

..just keep it coming Umi!!

what u lookin at??

that was great... time to be like baba and take a nap after meals!!

Day 2,3 & 4 - Umi made the same pureed banana so that I'll get familiar with it. Just in case I have any allergies to it.

Day 5 - Umi made pureed sweet potato. Same like before, only this time it's sweet potato instead of banana. More milky fruity sweetness in my mouth, and I'm loving it!

hmmm... it's orange..

..must be delicious..

..put more on my tongue..

..I'm lovin' it..

..good times great taste..

I'm the puree monster!

But it doesn't end there...

Day 6 - My stomach started to get upset. I get cranky and I wake up crying every hour or so at night because of that. Well, right before I cried like an hour straight while everyone at home took turns holding me. My tummy just couldn't handle the sweet potato well and it became hard for me to poo-poo as well.

Day 7 - Went to the doctors for my 5 month jab. Umi have also stopped my food diet for a while, I'm back on the strictly milk pattern. The doctor told us that eventhough the fruits are finely pureed, my body system could not digest them. With fruits, the only thing I'd get was the vitamins, which I was getting enough from breastmilk anyway. She advised Umi to start with baby cereal, which is something closer to milk. It won't burden my tummy, plus the calories are much more helpful since I'm getting more and more active by the day! She also said that I can be introduced (back) to fruits and vege when I'm around 7-8 months...

Currently - I'm enjoying my baby cereal everyday!!

don't worry everybody! I'm fine! just pray for my good health okay!!


Unknown said...

Hey.. Sweet little honey baby... can uncle call you like that??? Hemm?? Okay2... it's such a nice attempt... at least you can pre-test what are the grown-ups eat.. how was it like??? Yummy wasn't it... just be patient.. Someday you'll experience it more often.. hehehe.. Baba is always pushing me to click to the ads... okey, but i will do them just for the sake of you.... Keep blogging yaa... Tata!!!

iL4na said...

babynadhrah dear, haiqal's doc adviced the same thing. we must give u babies cereal first as in bubur nasi blend ..bagi tawar dulu and later later baru yg manis2. never give babies wat we eat yg ada garam2. haiqal will only start his solid after 6 month old since his body is getting more than enough from mama's milk :):) so enjoy your puree food dear :)

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