Feb 24, 2008


Umi and Baba took me to KLCC!! Actually this is a belated post, we went there on Chinese New Year, thinking: "Hmm, it's a long holiday, so people would go back to their hometowns and KLCC wouldn't be as packed as it normally is."

CNY deco @ KLCC

Well, arriving there at around 11am, we thought we were right. Not too many people. So Baba tried to get tickets to the KLCC sky bridge. But the tickets available are only for entrance 6pm onwards, so we didn't bother.

So we proceeded to Aquaria!! I was so excited that I would be able to see all the marine life swimming merrily in the water. So excited, in fact, that I fell asleep halfway through. I even slept through the tunnel where all the shark were! Well, it was dimly lit and air-cond cool and all, so it was just so tempting to doze off...

can't wait to go in!

chomping on my purple parrot

move away, dude

For me, the highlight is when we finally got to the gift shop. Yeayyy!!
So... many.. toys!!

me and nemo

nemo nemo nemo nemo nemo

I feel like there's something on my head

All in all, aquaria is quite an interesting place for me. But Umi and Baba was left with a little disappointment. Umi had been waiting so long to come here, and have on numerous occasions asked Baba to go. But in the end it was like, "Hah, dah abis dah??". It felt over too quickly, and they can't help but compare with other aquarium-places they've been to.

There was also some bad news for me. My purple parrot (the one I was chomping on earlier) got lost in there. I feel guilty, feeling like I may have been the one who had been responsible in throwing/kicking him out of the stroller. I have a knack of doing that when I'm bored. Baba and Umi both took turns to go back into the gift shop to look for a misplaced purple parrot, but to no avail. I also waited if there would be any announcement on the intercom for a lost purple parrot, but alas, there was none.

After coming out of Aquaria, we realised we had thought wrong. KLCC is full packed with people, local or otherwise. To escape the crowd, we went to a place where we knew there would not be too many people - The Petronas Gallery. Well, Malaysians in general aren't too artsy, and so it proved when there are very few people in the gallery absorbing the art. Even so, art is a very subjective matter, although I do find some exhibits a bit weird for my taste. Since we couldn't snap any pics in the gallery, we just waltzed through without any specific purpose or interest.

watching the throngs of people at KLCC from above

By the way, more pictures can be found here. (I didn't post too many pics from inside Aquaria itself becos the combination of the lighting and the quality of the camera made the pictures turned out looking not so good.)


aidafiqs adamia said...

aquaria not so great, eh?

we thought so too..

F said...

yeah babynadhrah, chuna agree with umi n baba. aquaria is very very small n short. theres nothing much there. the fact tht chuna just got back from gold coast when chuna visited aquaria didnt help either, since they hav seaworld there, which is SO much bigger n better (duhh, they even hav dolphins n sealions). well, u can visit it in the future, but be patient yea, d best time to go there is when ur a teenager/adult n u hav ur siblings to join in the fun. toodles.

p/s: im clicking d adds everyday. yeay me! :)

Anonymous said...

syoknye jenjalan. we dont have many places to go in miri. so tunggu hafiy besar baru nak bawak jalan2. hehe.

muiz said...

mommyadam & chuna :
yeah, aquaria's only so-so... we had a much better time @ langkawi underwater world, where the penguins are.. so sad to hear that over 500 fish died there recently..

chuna :
yeay for clicking!!

along :
miri?? kene gi jejauh sikit laa.. labuan, brunei perhaps??

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