Feb 12, 2008

putrajaya outing

Umi had planned an outing to snap some family pics with the backgrounds of Putrajaya. This isn't my first time here, of course. (Umi and Baba do have a habit of going back to places we've been to before, don't they?)

Anyway, we went off in the morning just the three of us. An extra photographer? Naah, don't think that's necessary. It was more fun to just use our creativity to put the camera on certain places and set the camera timer. And the occasional asking-people-for-help-to-take-your-family-photo-because-you-couldn't-afford-an-extra-photographer. Oh, not to forget the pictures where there's only two of us in there :)

first I look down..

..then I look to the right..

..anywhere but the camera..

..chomping on Umi's hand is always a good excuse

hey look, tourists!! in Putrajaya of all places!!

Baba, are you sure we won't get run over by a car standing in the middle of the road??

finally!! look at me, mr camera!!

our favourite pic... camera-on-the-grass effect

More pics here ... plus a baby angkasawan special...

to infinity... and beyoooooond!!


Sue said...

wawawa.. u r damn cute la! u got d same flower hat as damia.. but she dont like to wear any hat anymore. ur mommy looks so gorgoeus la.. wink wink!! ops.. is that kelisa's boot that fit ur umbrella stroller?

babynadhrah said...

tengkiu aunty.. hehe... yup that's the kelisa boot.. the stroller fits prefectly in there.. and there's extra space available for up to 2 medium bags..

Unknown said...

Yes, that's right nadhrah... Your parents like going to the same place that they've been there before... Like there is no other places to go... Hehehe.. Just kidding... Muiz, don't blame.. Hahaha. That's okay, at least you can hang out together and be happy.. But please go to other places instead of Putrajaya. Hahahaha. Bye baby.. Keep blogging and I will click the ads..

Anonymous said...


tumpang tanya..

ur umbrella stroller jenama apa yer? i tgh carik stroller yg boleh muat dalam boot kelisa i jugak nih...

stroller tu boleh full recline? how much is the price and kat mana nak carik?

tq in advance

babynadhrah said...

uihh.. ni dah lama punye post ni ada jugak org comment..

stroller tu brand esprit, beli kat toys 'r us OU (pegi toys 'r us lain pon ada jugak).. bole full recline.. harga dia masa beli tu RM299... u can view this post on when we bought it and this post when we first brought it out jalan2..

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